Sunday, April 22, 2007

Agamaku Bangsaku Malaysiaku

Very Good Day To All Humble Servant Of God and Assalamualaikum to Muslimin and Muslimat, May Allah Bless Us Indeed. My identity is not important yet, till one day Malaysia been declare legally in "Perlembagaan Malaysia" as Negara Islam. As for now, the "Perlembagaan Malaysia" only stated the official religion of Malaysia is Islam. This proposal won't go anywhere without getting all muslimin and muslimat in Malaysia united. Let's pray to Allah so the bill will be take in consideration of our nation.

In fact, I know it is very imposible for getting the bill endorsed and agreed by all races in our lovely, peacefully Nation - Malaysia. However, we Muslim believe in Allah. If Allah say yes, then nothing is greater than HIM to stop our determination to make Malaysia legally as Islam country. We have been introduced by our government about Islam Hadhari which generally means moderate islam. Islam that accept technology, modernisation, changes but still bound to hukum Allah s.w.t. This Islam Hadhari, introduced by Prime Minister of Malaysia, UMNO and Barisan National President, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and slowly been accepted by Malaysian. I believe, this is the right time to declare Malaysia legally in Perlembagaan Malaysia as Negara Islam. I also believe all UMNO members will support this proposal because they are loyal to UMNO party and islam.

Why is this neccesary to Malaysia? People of Malaysian is more mature than ever. We have shared all our neccesity, workplace, language, cultural and even festival. Our races intergration work very very well and if there are an issues, it would be a minor one. Our government and present brilliance leaders have guaranted that our socio-economy is in the right path and our economic performance is the best ever in Malaysia history. Our BSKL indicator show the healthy economy under the present leader of Islam Hadhari. To declare Malaysia leggaly in Perlembagaan Malaysia as Negara Islam can prevent chaos in future as we already declared to the world at early 90's that Malaysia is the Islam Country. Evenmore, lately, are we aware of what happen to Lina Joy, V. Moorthy, Nyonya Teh, and other similar cases. Are we aware of Interfaith Commision (IFC) , but are we going to leave Interfaith Commision (IFC) *if IFC accepted by goverment* without leader. Are we aware of a underneath movement to spoilt other religion image? Are we aware of cases involved Perak Mufti and Azhar Mansor. Are we aware of accusation towards Gerakan Party Wilayah of their claimed to Sultan Perak to termination Mufti position from Harusani Zakaria. Off al these, are we Malaysian going to leave these cases bygone and hunt us back in future.

How can this be possibly happen? Hopefully, our IPTA, IPTS, Colleges, Institutional can take up this proposal and perform a proper stage of debate. This is very important, to deliver a message to non-muslim that by making Malaysia lehally in Perlembagaan Malaysia as Negara Islam wont make any changes farover, threatening to their life and believe's. Eventhough, at the eyes of the world, Malaysia has been declared by TDM to the world as Muslim country. Does it stop any foreign investor. Does it implicate unneccesary bahaviour among us. Its already been 10 years after TDM did that, and we still living together peacefully ever after. This step wont make any harm or changes to anybody accept for those that aim for more that what they earn today. Yes, it is not wrong to have such behaviour, but as Malaysian and a citizen that love our peacefully life between races to remained forever, those behaviour are very wrong and dangerous.

To muslim and muslimat, unfortunately, I am not the first person to fight for this bill. To make this dream come true. All Mufti did, all Imam, all Uztaz did in their ways. Then, what can we do. Ho can we do? What ways are we going to use? Brother's..............dont ask what Allah, Prophet Muhamad and Islam do for you................ask what did you do for Allah, Prophet Muhamad and Islam. For your information, I have no choice but to use English (even it is a broken English), so our friend from other races and releigion can understand my view, share my thought and be my friends. This bill or proposal is not threatening, in fact it shouldnt threat anyone. I will use Bahasa Melayu after this acrticle. Forgive me. Assalmualaikum and Good Day.

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1. Kerajaan Allah sahaja yang tertinggi dan paling berkuasa yang mengatasi dan menundukkan seluruh kerajaan manusia dan undang-undang manusia yang selain daripada Allah (9:33);

2. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menguat kuasakan undang-undang Allah ke atas manusia (5:44);

3. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk membuat undang-undang untuk seluruh umat manusia (12:40);

4. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang Allah (5:44);

5. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk memerintah bumi (3:26; 7:54);

6. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk menghamba abdikan manusia kepada kuasa Allah, iaitu manusia menjadi para hamba kepada Allah (1:1; 21:24);

7. Allah adalah Tuhan yang berkuasa, berdaulat dan berhak untuk disembah oleh manusia (4:36);


1. Artikel 4 Perlembagaan Malaysia meletakkan status Perlembagaan Malaysia sebagai undang-undang yang tertinggi yang mengatasi al-Quran dan Hadis;

2. Artikel 43 Perlembagaan Malaysia memberi kuasa kepada para pemerintah untuk menguat kuasakan undang-undang manusia ke atas umat manusia;

3. Artikel 44 Perlembagaan Malaysia memberi kuasa kepada para pemerintah untuk membuat undang-undang manusia;

4. Artikel 161 Perlembagaan Malaysia memberi kuasa kepada mahkamah untuk menghukum manusia dengan undang-undang manusia;

5. Perlembagaan Malaysia menyerahkan kuasa dan hak kepada manusia untuk memerintah ke atas seluruh umat manusia (artikel 43, 44, 161);

6. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan sistem manusia menjadi para hamba kepada manusia kerana manusia berada di bawah kuat kuasaan undang-undang demokrasi ciptaan manusia(artikel 43);

7. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan sistem manusia menyembah manusia (artikel 43, 161);

8. Perlembagaan Malaysia mewujudkan Tuhan-tuhan Manusia yang membuat undang-undang, yang memerintah ke atas manusia dan yang disembah oleh manusia (artikel 43, 44, 161);

9. Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan dalam Rukun Negara mempunyai pengertian mengiktiraf kesemua Tuhan sebagai Tuhan-tuhan yang sah;

10. Kerajaan Malaysia mengimani, menganuti dan mengamalkan agama demokrasi yang kafir dengan sekali gus ia manolak dan mengingkari kalimah ﻵﺍﻟﻪﺍﻷﺍﷲ.


1. Mempercayai kerajaan demokrasi adalah Islam atau bersesuaian dengan Islam;

2. Mengamalkan sistem politik demokrasi yang bererti mengamalkan agama yang kafir;

3. Melantik ahli-ahli Parlimen dan Dun sebagai Tuhan-tuhan Manusia;

4. Menyerahkan kuasa untuk membuat undang-undang kepada ahli-ahli Parlimen dan Dun;

5. Menyerahkan kuasa kepada kerajaan untuk menjalan dan menguat kuasakan undang-undang;

6. Menghukum dan mengadili manusia dengan undang-undang manusia;

7. Berada di bawah kuat kuasa undang-undang demokrasi yang bererti menjadi para hamba kepada manusia yang mewujudkan sistem pengabdian manausia kepada manusia;

8. Mentaati dan mematuhi undang-undang demokrasi yang bererti menyembah manusia;

9. Menyetujui dan meredhai sistem politik demokrasi bererti beriman kepada agama demokrasi;

10. Tidak mengisytiharkan kekufuran demokrasi, tidak menolak dan mengkufur ingkarkannya serta tidak mengisytiharkan untuk menghapuskannya melalui Jihad, Perang dan Revolusi.

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